A 24 Hour Fitness and Wellness Center

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Educate, Stimulate and Regenerate our Community

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Hi, I'm Michele!

Can't wait to share all the changes to the gym, I want to create a healthy environment for our community to include not only exercise but nutrition and mental health. Our new mission statement is to Educate, Stimulate and Regenerate our community.

Join me in a great journey to better us all

and take advantage of our NEW OWNER SPECIAL until March 13th!

Our Mission:

Summit 24-7 Fitness exists to help you achieve your fitness goals and beyond. We are committed to enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of people who love being healthy and strong.


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Be a part of our new logo contest!

Summit 24/7 Fitness needs a new logo!

Rolling out a contest and hoping someone in our community will design the logo for our Gym and eventually wellness center!

Here's the scoop:
The goal is to keep Summit name but

re-brand it as:
A 24 Hour Fitness & Wellness Center

Looking for a simple logo mixing a mountain with heart beat in some way or whatever you come up with!

We need 3 logos, one with Summit and the logo, one just the picture and one just the name Summit

WINNER receives $200 CASH prize and recognition all over social media that you're an awesome and amazing artist!!

Send images to


by March 31st!